Bell & Gossett Series e-1510 with efficiency-enhancing accessories

The e-1510 provides the highest overall efficiency in the end suction market and has the largest efficiency island. Supported with Selection Software, CAD Drawings, V.S. Profiling Tools, stainless steel impellers, “best in class” hydraulic performance, proven class leading efficiency across the Preferred Operating Region (POR). Exceeds recently announced DOE efficiency standards for pumps.

The two additional accessories attached to the e-1510 on display in booth demonstrate how further efficiencies can be obtained.

Our Triple Duty Valve saves space and reduces installation costs by combining a calibrated balance valve, non-slam check valve and a positive shut off valve all in one. Integrated PT ports allow for easy T and flow measurement, while our Suction Diffuser Plus features a patent pending Flow Cone design that captures up to 5 percent more of pump’s intrinsic efficiency.