Pressure testing Series 2000 valves

Volume 3/ Issue 2/ May 2016

A customer recently asked our recommendation on testing the regulator valve and piping between the PRV station shutoff valves. “I am required to hydro test to 150 PSI on the high pressure and 60 PSI on the low pressure steam,” he wrote. “Could these test pressures damage the regulator or regulator valves? We plan to do AIR testing to these pressures first, and then a hydro test.”

Our review found the regulator valves are rated to a pressure higher than the testing pressures, so there’s no issue with subjecting the valves to these pressures. But we do recommend following a few basic testing guidelines, referring to the diagram below:

testing guidelines

For the high pressure test, we recommend that you first close valves A, B, D and E.  Leave valve C open. Then pressurize the high pressure side of the system (indicated in RED). When the test is complete, open valve D slowly in order to release the pressure on the valve.

For the low pressure test, we recommend closing valves B, D and E. Now pressurize the low pressure side of the system (indicated in PURPLE). When the test is complete, release the pressure.

This approach ensures that as pressure is added and released, the diaphragm inside the valve is not damaged by the pressure test.

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