×Seaport Square

The largest single real estate project in Boston, the South Boston waterfront development spans 23 acres across 20 city blocks. For the two tower buildings in Blocks B and C, FIA worked closely with mechanical contractor J.C. Cannistraro to utilize space-saving Bell & Gossett VSC-VSC pumps for the water-sourced vertical stacked heat pump system.

×Millennium Tower Boston

Described as Boston’s first neighborhood in the clouds, Millennium Tower Boston stands at 685 feet tall. An adjacent open-air plaza connects the building to the revived Downtown Crossing retail district. Project partners: WSP engineers and mechanical contractor E.M. Duggan.

×Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Two seven-story research buildings near MIT’s Cambridge campus — 610 Main St. North and South — bolster the Kendall Square area as a hub of the renowned institution’s growing life-science cluster. In the twin HVAC systems, a total of 40 space-saving Bell & Gossett VSX pumps along with 26 Series 80 pumps provide climate control to the 500,000 square feet in the state-of-the-art facilities.

×BWH Building for the Future

On the campus of Boston’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital, the 12-story Brigham Building for the Future research lab and clinical building is at the epicenter of healthcare innovation, bringing researchers and clinicians under one roof to improve patient care and discover medical breakthroughs. Inside these walls of innovation is a Bell & Gossett HVAC system designed by BR+A Consulting Engineers.


×Boston Logan International Airport

In 2016, an estimated 6 million people traveled through Boston’s international terminal designed for just 1.5 million travelers, necessitating expansion of Logan’s Terminal E as part of $750 million in ongoing improvements. In addition to the terminal infrastructure work, projects included expanding the central utility plant that supplies airport cooling. FIA provided three large VSX pumps with large, medium-voltage motors to meet the massive flow and horsepower requirements for cooling for the entire Boston airport.

×Encore Boston Harbor Resort & Casino

Anticipated to be the jewel of Boston’s growing luxury nightlife scene when it opens in June, the $2.5-billion project features a mezzanine that overlooks the gambling floor, 27-story hotel tower, harbor walk and a dozen bars and restaurants. Separate HVAC systems in the tower and main podium protect the central plant in case one system goes offline. Bell & Gossett GPX heat exchangers provide a pressure break between systems. Project partners: Jacobs Engineering Group, J.C. Higgins and E.M. Duggan.

×Harvard District Energy Facility

To avoid taxing the grid during peak hours and reduce cooling costs, a 1.3-million-gallon thermal storage tank with a total capacity equivalent to 9 megawatt hours will store chilled water to cool buildings on the Harvard University Allston campus. The superior efficiency and robust hydraulic capabilities of the Bell & Gossett VSX and HSC pump selections will help meet energy demand efficiently. Mechanical contractor: J.C. Cannistraro; RMF Engineering Inc., design engineer.

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How Bell & Gossett Solves Buildings in Boston with FIA

Thriving life sciences, technology, financial services and higher education sectors are driving an historic building boom in Boston. From a Boston Harbor casino to high-rise condos in the Seaport District to innovation clusters at Kendall Square in Cambridge, Bell & Gossett representative Fluid Industrial Associates is part of Boston’s resurgence. FIA has been the premier HVAC and plumbing equipment manufacturer’s representative of New England since 1964 through industry-leading products, superior customer service and training and education.


Harvard District Energy Facility

In concepting the Harvard University Allston extension, creating an environmentally sustainable campus was a top priority. A 58,000-square-foot in-house utility plant will open in 2019 to serve the growing campus, itself a model for efficiency with low carbon emissions and smart use of energy. Contributing to efficiency are 13 Bell & Gossett VSX and HSC double suction centrifugal pumps, selected for their hydraulic performance, versatility and reliability.


Encore Boston Harbor Resort & Casino

Proving that the Bell & Gossett VSX pump would save space and deliver maximum pumping power, FIA secured work on the largest privately funded development in Massachusetts history. B&G products supply the entire 3-million-square-foot urban gaming resort with chilled and hot water to various systems. Maintenance access and serviceability were other major points in favor of the VSX selection.


Boston Logan International Airport

Putting large, medium-voltage motors on pumps is atypical HVAC system design, but proved to be the best long-term solution at Logan Airport to meet the cooling needs of the entire airport and save operational costs. Project partners: NV5, NB Kenney Mechanical Contractors.


BWH Building for the Future

The award-winning architectural design of the 650,000-square-foot Brigham Building for the Future incorporated LEED Gold criteria to realize 37 percent in energy-cost savings. Bell & Gossett’s VSX and e-1510 pumps were selected to supply heating and cooling in the facility. FIA worked with mechanical contractor J.C. Cannistraro on the project.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Right-sizing of HVAC equipment to reduce energy use and incorporating heat-recovery methods into HVAC systems are among the project’s sustainable design elements that contributed to LEED Gold certification. Project partners include mechanical contractor Hamel & McAlister and AHA Consulting Engineers.


Millennium Tower Boston

The tallest residential building in Boston, the 60-story luxury high-rise is a shimmering addition to the new Boston skyline. A second mechanical room on the 54th floor provides a needed pressure break in the HVAC system, which features Bell & Gossett’s four VSX-VSC pumps and six large Series e-80/e-80SC pumps.


Seaport Square 

For the mixed-use buildings in Blocks B and C, the residential mechanical system consists of water-source vertical-stacked heat pumps. Retail areas are served by a separate chilled and hot water plant located in the B Block. Bell & Gossett equipment in the LEED Silver targeted project includes 23 VSX-VSC pumps, four e-1510 pumps and six GPX heat exchangers. Project engineer: Cosentini Associates.

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