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Bell & Gossett was the first company to embrace the DOE’s 2020 pump energy standards, and our entire line of e-Series pumps meets or exceeds them. That means you can be sure what you specify today will be compliant when the standards take effect in January. No other pump manufacturer can promise you that.

Our dedicated rep organization will make sure you have the most efficient system that meets or exceeds the efficiency standards today and into the future. Why take a chance with anyone else?

Check out the tabs below to learn more about Bell & Gossett’s Pioneers of Efficiency. They include the full line of DOE-compliant e-Series pumps, as well as the new e-HSC Series pumps, the smart ecocirc XL line of circulators, variable speed ECM motors, and the Technologic Intelligent Pump Controller.

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ESP-Systemwize™ is the industry’s only online selection tool that provides you the ability to choose all system components within a single integrated tool to ensure the most efficient hydronic system design from virtually any connected device. It offers a guided experience through the specification process by providing side-by-side product comparisons, an express select button that helps quickly narrow down a pump search, and an active warning system that alerts you of potential selection problems.

The Bell & Gossett ESP-Systemwize™ was featured in CSEmag and highlighted as the industry’s only online selection tool that allows for industry professionals to choose all system components with a single integrated tool.

ESP-Systemwize Webinar This webinar focuses on the new functionality within the industry’s first and most comprehensive online selection tool that provides HVAC and plumbing system designers the ability to choose all system components within a single integrated tool to ensure the most efficient hydronic system design.

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Make your energy-efficient system even more efficient. Combine your e-Series pumps with Technologic variable speed drives to reduce your energy costs even further   Choose the right one here.
Fine tune your system for maximum energy efficiency. Choose from an assortment of energy-saving Bell & Gossett components.  

Gasketed Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

Pressure Independent Control Valves

Suction Diffuser Plus

Mark Handzel, Bell & Gossett Vice President, recently broke down the U.S. Department of Energy's new conservation standard for commercial and industrial water pumps, which is set to take effect in 2020. Learn everything you need to know now to be prepared.

Topics include:
  • U.S. Dept of Energy Centrifugal Pump Energy Conservation and Test Standards
  • Hydraulic Institute Centrifugal Pump Energy Rating Program
  • What pump manufacturers are doing to get in compliance
  • Electrical Utility rebates

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