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Technologic Constant Speed Pump Controller – Obsolete

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The newly upgraded Bell & Gossett Technologic Constant Speed Pump Control Panel is designed to control both Open (pressure booster, cooling tower and processes) and Closed (heating, cooling and other HVAC system) loop applications.

The panel supports six (6) user selectable methods of pump staging via B&G proven algorithms which include kW (True Power), Amps (RMS), Flow (GPM), Pressure (PSI), Temperature or Differential Temperature.

Pressure Boosting and Heating, Cooling and other HVAC applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Serial Communication via RS-485 with BACnet MS/TP, Modicon Modbus and Johnson Controls Metasys N2 protocols
  • Ability to command and control 1-3 pumps with an option for up to 6 pumps in parallel.
  • “EZ” start through quick setup of parameters.
  • Parameter backup through Save and Load Menu – provides improved protection of field specific parameters to allow for smooth, reliable system recovery after power interruptions.
  • Log Menu for recall of events and alarms – for ease of trouble shooting and trending.
  • A large display with 4 lines by 20 characters.
  • Pump exercise feature prevents pump lock-up from inactivity.
  • Pump purge capability -quickly purges stagnant fluid in closed loop upon start up after a long shut down.
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