Small Air Separators

Air Separator – EASB-JR

New Bell & Gossett EASB-JR Air Separator Makes Hyrdonic Heating Systems More Efficient. Bell & Gossett has introduced the EASB-JR, a micro-bubble air separator that makes both residential and commercial hydronic heating systems more efficient, operate quieter, and last longer.

Featuring a brass body and stainless steel internal components, the EASB-JR Air Separator is designed to automatically remove entrained air bubbles in hydronic systems. As fluid enters the air separator, the velocity is decreased creating a low-pressure area. The small bubbles are released from fluid and then collect on the coalescing medium. As the bubbles coalesce, they rise to the top of the air separator where they are released to atmosphere through the built-in automatic air vent.

The compact design and the no-minimum straight pipe requirements allow EASB-JR to be installed wherever air is a problem.

Several sizes offered: 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″ NPT or Sweat and 1 1/2″ NPT.

The EASB-JR features a non-clog vent design that eliminates callbacks due to the fouling of the valve, and a 1 1/2″ NPT connection that allows easy connection to a diaphragm tank. The EASB-JR comes with a three-year warranty.

Models – Part Number (see Brochure A-601A for dimensions & weights)

EASB-3/4 JR – 112111
EASB-3/4 JR – 112114
EASB-1 JR – 112112
EASB-1S JR – 112115
EASB-1 1/4 JR – 112113
EASB-1 1/4S JR – 112116
EASB-1 1/2 JR – 112117
EASB-2 JR – 112464

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