Small Air Separators

Enhanced Air Separator – EAS

As system fluid enters through the inlet, (either straight or angle) the diffuser distributes flow evenly across the stainless steel, wire brush-like medium. Air bubbles, even micro air bubbles, stick to the brush filaments. Trapped air rises above the diffuser through a baffle where the air is then released through an opening at the top. Treated water then goes back into the system.

EAS is very easy and convenient to install:

  • requires no minimum pipe run.
  • straight or angle pattern installation capability.
  • usable for systems with either steel compression or diaphragm expansion tanks.
  • removable and replaceable 3/4″ high capacity vent.

EAS is built to last:

  • rugged two-piece cast iron body and cap construction.
  • internal parts are all stainless steel.
  • vent has a brass body and non-ferrous internals.

Models – Part Number (see Brochure A-600A for dimensions & weights)

EAS-1 – 112105
EAS-1 1/4 – 112106
EAS-1 1/2 – 112107
EAS-2 – 112108

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