Series CBM units are designed for small boiler feed systems handling condensate from steam heating or process applications. Units include receivers, pumps, make-up valve and overflow connection.  The pumps are controlled by a dedicated pump control on the boiler (available as optional) responding to water level change in the boiler. This maintains optimum steaming level in the boiler for maximum performance and safety.

Features and Benefits

  • Cast iron receivers are high quality, close grained gray iron and are warranted for 20 years from date of shipment against failure due to corrosion.  The receiver is pre-selected for 5 minute net storage based on the system return rate for small systems up to 600 BHP.
  • Centrifugal Series B-35 pump(s) with drip-proof motors. assure condensate handling, even when steam traps start to leak. The B35 pump features two-stage construction. A bronze first-stage axial flow impeller provides the necessary NPSH for high temperature water and a bronze centrifugal second stage impeller. These pumps require a maximum of only 2 ft. (0.6M) NPSH.  Pump capacity sized 2 times system return rate.
  • Float switch and solenoid valve with “Y” strainer to add make-up water on low level.  Tempering the added cold water with the hot condensate in the receiver minimizes the danger of thermal shock to the boiler.


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