×Increase your control options

Multiple inputs including start-stop, temperature control, pressure regulation and advanced Modbus or BACnet control provide dynamic system management.

×Chilled water applications

Electronics are separated from the pump to prevent condensation for worry free operation even at 14°F (-10°C).

×The Intelligent Drive


The ecocirc XL can operate in 3 different standard control modes:

  • Proportional pressure control
  • Constant pressure control
  • Constant speed

Night setback functionality provides additional energy savings.
Advanced settings can be managed from a PC, tablet or smartphone, and are accessible via optional built-in wireless or RS-485 cable.

×Pump protection

Built-in dry-run protection stops pump operation in the absence of water, preventing damage and costly repairs.

×Keep it hot or cold

A closed, perfectly molded insulation shell preserves a constant temperature of the pumped liquid.

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CSE_ecocircXLA simplified, user-friendly status display keeps the installer informed on pump settings and performance. Communicate with Modbus and BACnet systems, or use wireless connectivity to communicate with the pump for remote control from your smart phone or wireless enabled device.
Control Modes
Proportional Pressure curve (Δp-v)
Constant Pressure curve (Δp-c)
Constant Speed curve
Night Mode
Temperature Control Modes
T-Constant Control
ΔT-Constant Control
Δp-T (Paired with proportional or constant pressure mode)
Readings and settings on the pump
Control and display panel
Operating status
Warning and alarm
Errors and work log history
Dry running detection
2 x analog inputs (0-10V / 4-20mA)
1 x external temperature sensor input
1 x start/stop input
1 x status output
Communication and Monitoring
Communication with BMS
Communication with PC/Laptop
Wireless module for short range wireless communication (optional)

Easy selection from a large performance coverage with as few models as possible

Performance targeted to individual specifications is delivered across a broad spectrum of head and flow requirements. The simple pump model description makes the selection process easier to find the correct unit for any application.

With 7 models to choose from there's always an exact match for any system.

The ecocirc XL is a high efficiency, variable speed, wet rotor pump with integrated drive. The circulator is available in cast iron or lead free bronze and with a broad temperature range of 14ºF to 230ºF (-10ºC to 110ºC). The ecocirc XL is suitable for both hot and chilled water systems. range-1-1024x256
Model NumberVersionPower SupplyFlange ConnectionPump BodyFluid Temp. RangeAmbient Temp. RangeMax. Pressure RangeProtection Class
High HeadHigh FlowSingle Phase 115VSingle Phase 208 -230VSmall Booster (2 Bolts)Large Booster (2 Bolts)2" Booster (4 Bolts)3" Booster (4 BoltsCast IronLead-Free Bronze*14°F - 230°F32°F - 104°F175 PSIIP44
ecocirc XL 20-35
ecocirc XL 36-45
ecocirc XL 15-75
ecocirc XL 55-45
ecocirc XL 20-140
ecocirc XL 65-130
ecocirc XL 40-200
ecocirc XL 70-145
ecocirc XL 40-275
*Lead-Free as described in the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (RLDWA) - certified to NSF 372.
  • Small Booster (2 bolts) has a bolt hole to bolt hole dimension of 3-3/16”.
  • Large Booster (2 bolts) has a bolt hole to bolt hole dimension of 3-7/16”.

Introduction and training videos, the quick way to learn how Bell & Gossett ecocirc-XL makes your life easier

ecocirc-XL features and benefits overview

ecocirc-XL Basic Set up

ecocirc-XL Advanced Features

Eventually old pumps need to be replaced. With the new high efficiency ecocirc XL range, it pays back to replace a 5 year old pump fixed speed pump already today. The difference in efficiency makes the investment profitable already after two years (depending on operation time). The replacement guide contains recommended replacement pumps for the following brands: Grundfos, Wilo, and Taco. Use the search window to quickly find the replacement you need.
BrandModel namePort to port lengthPhase/ VoltageConnectionReplacement XLPort to port lengthPhase/ Voltage
GrundfosMagna 32-60F6-1/2"1PH 115V1-1/2"ecocirc XL 20-356-3/8"1PH 115V
GrundfosMagna 32-100F6-1/2"1PH 208-230V1-1/2"ecocirc XL 36-456-3/8"1PH 208-230V
GrundfosMagna 65-60F11-1/2"1PH 208-230V2"ecocirc XL 20-14011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
GrundfosMagna 3 40-180F8-1/2"1PH 208-230V1-1/2"ecocirc XL 65-13011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
GrundfosMagna 65-120F11-1/2"1PH 208-230V2"ecocirc XL 40-20011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
GrundfosMagna 3 65-120F13-13/32"1PH 208-230V2"ecocirc XL 40-20011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
GrundfosMagna 32-60FN6-1/2"1PH 115V1-1/2"ecocirc XL B 20-356-3/8"1PH 115V
GrundfosMagna 32-100FN6-1/2"1PH 208-230V1-1/2"ecocirc XL B 36-456-3/8"1PH 208-230V
GrundfosMagna 65-60FN11-1/2"1PH 208-230V2"ecocirc XL B 20-14011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
GrundfosMagna 3 40-180FN8-1/2"1PH 208-230V1-1/2"ecocirc XL B 65-13011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
GrundfosMagna 65-120FN11-1/2"1PH 208-230V2"ecocirc XL B 40-20011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
GrundfosMagna 3 65-120FN13-13/32"1PH 208-230V2"ecocirc XL B 40-20011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
TacoVR2011-1/2"1PH 208-230V2"ecocirc XL 40-20011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
WiloStratos 1.25x3-206-1/2"1PH 115V1-1/2"ecocirc XL 20-356-3/8"1PH 115V
WiloStratos 1.25x3-256-1/2"1PH 208-230V1-1/2"ecocirc XL 36-456-3/8"1PH 208-230V
WiloStratos 2x3-3511-1/2"1PH 208-230V2"ecocirc XL 40-20011-1/2"1PH 208-230V
WiloStratos Z-1.25x3-256-1/2"1PH 208-230V1-1/2"ecocirc XL 36-456-3/8"1PH 208-230V
WiloStratos Z-2x3-3011-1/2"1PH 208-230V2"ecocirc XL 40-20011-1/2"1PH 208-230V