Straight Tube Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger – Aftercooler

Bell & Gossett aftercoolers are designed to cool compressed air for safer handling of pneumatic equipment and to remove moisture and oil from compressed air.

Features and Benefits

  • Full size air connections for reduced pressure drop and easy removal of condensed water.
  • Counterflow design for close approaches.
  • Model ACA is designed with a floating rear tubesheet to compensate for expansion or contraction of the tube bundle.  The bundle is removable.
  • Model AFCR is fixed tubesheet type aftercooler of compact design, maximum length 50″.

Models (see Brochure C-50G for dimensions & weights)

Heating Components
SU Heat Exchanger
WU Heat Exchanger
TCW and TCS Tank Heaters

Double Wall Heat Exchangers
Diamondback Double Wall Heat Exchanger Patent No. 4,744,412
Double Wall GPX Plate Heat Exchangers

Industrial Products
OF (Straight Tube) Heat Exchanger
OC (Straight Tube) Heat Exchanger
TS Tank Suction Heater
Honeycomb Heat Exchanger Brazed Plate Design
GC Gas Cooler
CHX/CHXS Compact Heat Exchangers
GPX Plate Heat Exchanger

Air Handling Heat Exchangers
ACA Aftercooler
ACFR Aftercooler
HTP Heat Transfer Package

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