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Series 80-SC – (replaced by Series e-80SC)

Replaced with the new Series e-80SC

B&G Series 80-SC Split-Coupled Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pump

• Hydronic Heating and Cooling Systems
• Industrial Process
• General Service
• Pressure Boosting

Features and Benefits

  • Low Supply and Return Arrangement
  • Space Saving Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Support Ring for Easy Installations
  • Motor is energy efficient EPACT complying to NEMA or IEC specifications
  • Split-Coupled to allow the servicing of the seal without disturbing the pump or motor
  • The combination motor bracket and volute coverplate are a one-piece unit to ensure concentric alignment of the motor to the pump casing
  • The seal has a compact Rotating Unitized Seal Head design for easier seal replacement.
  • Each pump is factory tested per Hydraulic Institute standards

technologicseries80Series 80-SC with Integrated VFD and Sensorless Control

Available in spring of 2013, the integrated variable speed drive with sensorless pressure and flow controller utilizes the latest generation hardware platform with advanced pumping software and proven algorithms.

  • Series 80SC Split Coupled Pumps
    • NEMA Premiumy Efficiency motors
    • TEFC or ODP on 2/4/6 pole motors
    • Supports 200, 460, and 575 VAC power
  • Compact Vertical Inline pumping solution
    • Small footprint ideally suited for Hydronic systems
    • Factory installed VFD saves you time and money
    • Single sourcing for the complete pumping system
  • Sensorless Pressure Control
    • Sensorless solution eliminates cost of wiring and installing pressure transducers
    • Automatic handoff for duty/bypass
    • Also supports wired transducers for more complex multi-pump systems
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