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Series 80 – (replaced by Series e-80)

Replaced by Series e-80

Close-coupled in-line mounted pump available in 1-1/2” through 8” sizes. 1/4 to 50 HP at 1750 RPM and 5 to 60 HP at 3500 RPM. Available in bronze-fitted and all-iron construction. Flows to 2500 GPM, heads to 380 feet.

The Series 80 is an efficient, heavy-duty, close-coupled pump designed for horizontal and vertical in-line mounting.

Internally flushed BUNA/Carbon ceramic seals are standard. The internal flushed seal provides five times the flushing flow of pumps designed with externally flushed seals. The Series 80 pump is available in 175# and 250# working pressure and split-coupled designs.


Series 80 with Integrated VFD and Sensorless ControlB&G Series 80 _left side_600

Available in spring of 2013, the integrated variable speed drive with sensorless pressure and flow controller utilizes the latest generation hardware platform with advanced pumping software and proven algorithms.

  • Series 80 Close-Coupled Pumps
    • NEMA Premiumy Efficiency motors
    • TEFC or ODP on 2/4/6 pole motors
    • Supports 200, 460, and 575 VAC power
  • Compact Vertical Inline pumping solution
    • Small footprint ideally suited for Hydronic systems
    • Factory installed VFD saves you time and money
    • Single sourcing for the complete pumping system
  • Sensorless Pressure Control
    • Sensorless solution eliminates cost of wiring and installing pressure transducers
    • Automatic handoff for duty/bypass
    • Also supports wired transducers for more complex multi-pump systems


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