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MiniBoost Extreme Packaged Booster System


The MiniBoost Extreme Packaged Systems are designed to be simple from beginning to end. They are simple to specify, simple to install and simple to set up. Best of all, with Xylem’s single source responsibility and technical expertise, it’s simple to work with us. The MiniBoost Extreme Packaged Systems are a pre-engineered, factory assembled and provide hydraulic capabilities from 20 GPM to 200 GPM and boosts up to 100 psig, ideal for booster and closed loop HVAC systems. The MiniBoost Extreme Packaged Systems give you an intelligent pump system that provides maximum value, proven reliability, superior energy efficiency and better system protection. In addition, it provides consistent performance even with your changing system demands. The MiniBoost Extreme Packaged Systems provide boosting and closed loop HVAC solutions for a variety of applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Higher Pressures: Each system is fabricated with NPE or e-HM centrifugal pumps — delivering up to 100 psig boost.
  • System Certification: The entire system, not just the components, are UL listed as a packaged pumping system.
  • Compact Footprint: Ideal for retrofit installations and new construction.
  • Simplex models available in widths less than 36″ — making it an optimal, more efficient replacement for constant speed systems.
  • Expanded Applications: Built with a differential pressure sensor, these units are designed to work in HVAC closed loop systems.
  • Intelligent Pumping:
    • These systems are equipped with the Aquavar® IPC Variable Speed Controller.
    • Pump(s) will automatically operate at the correct speed based on demand, including alternation and staging.

Benefits of Quadratic Pressure Control:

A standard variable speed sensor system is a good solution if the pressure sensor can be mounted remotely, which is not always an option for a retrofit.

Proportional control maintains a linear relationship with pump head and flow. Quadratic performance provides energy savings, since the pump’s speed closely matches the needed flow to a simulated system resistance curve. Quadratic pressure control can be sensored or sensorless*, which offers flexibility during installation.

The MiniBoost Extreme has sensors on the inlet and discharge manifolds, so the controller can be set to proportional or quadratic control. Both methods satisfy the ASHRAE Energy Standard (90.1) requirements.

*For closed loop/motor dependent applications


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