Pressure Booster Packages

TECHNOFORCE™ e-MTX Package Booster System

The TECHNOFORCE™ e-MTX variable speed packaged pressure boosters are pre-fabricated and designed for maintaining a constant clean water delivery pressure. The pumps and the UL-508A listed pump logic control panel are manufactured by Xylem. Certified and listed by UL-QCZJ – Packaged Pumping Systems, the package is also independently certified to NSF/ANSI 61 for potable drinking water.

The TECHNOFORCE e-MTX are pre-configured for 2-4 pumps and capable of 2100 GPM and 300 psi. The HMI is capable of supporting up to 6 pumps. Three (3) pump options include: e-SV multi-stage vertical pumps, and NPE or e-SH end suction pumps. Individual fused disconnect switches are provided for each variable speed drive to support partial-to-full flow operation during times of servicing. Other features include a 10” color touch screen interface, lead/lag alternation, no-flow shutdown, trending log, a redundant pressure transducer (optional), and thermal purge.

Typical applications include:  high rise buildings, hospitals, office buildings, schools, sports arenas, and industrial


  • Exceptional System Performance:
  • Constructed of up to eight (8) Xylem pumps capable of delivering water to the required heights
  • Back-up Generator Mode connects to the building’s generator to ensure reliability during a power failure
  • Each pre-programmed station is fully tested for flow and pressure up to 300 PSI boost for trusted performance (consult the factory for up to 580 PSI boost)

Ease of Use:

  • BacNet communication saves time by providing system performance data remotely
  • 10” LED color touchscreen interface provides for smoother navigation of the system and unmatched data displayed
  • Stainless steel grooved manifolds and optional flanges simplify installation

Enhanced System Protections:

  • Each e-MTX is designed with the following protections to help keep the system running
  • Loss of prime
  • Low suction prime
  • Low inlet pressure
  • System performance alarms
  • Thermal purge (standard default)
  • Surge arrestors
  • Suction pressure transducer (standard default)
  • Redundant pressure transducer

Additional Features:

  • 2-8 pump configuration
  • Up to 2100 gpm (4 pump) 4200 gpm (8 pump)*
  • Up to 1100 feet of head and 500 PSI boost*
  • Up to 575V premium efficient motors
  • 50Hz available as engineered to order
  • 304 SS grooved manifolds
  • UL Type 1 and 12 control panel standard (4 and 4X ETO)
  • Trending screen
  • No flow shutdown
  • Dynamic flow loss compensation
  • BACnet MSTP or IP; Modbus Serial or TCP

*Performance based on e-SV vertical multi-stage pump


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