Heating & Cooling Circulators

ecocirc® 19-16 – A Smart Circulator – Heating (replaced by ecocirc 20-18)

Higher Efficiency & Improved Performance

Effortless “SMART” Circulator for heating cooling and potable water.

Onboard intelligence automatically adjusts speed to ensure maximized efficiency and accurate performance to suit a wide range of performance requirements.

The on board intelligence provides the motor with the precise frequency and voltage for optimum performance. The permanent magnets in the motor eliminate power wastage in magnetizing the rotor. The motor has superior starting torque and energy efficiency when compared with standard induction motor circulators.

True Variable speed – The pump speed is infinitely variable and is automatically adjusted by the controller to optimize performance and efficiency.

Sensorless operation – No external sensors are required.

Simplicity – The only moving part is the rotor/impeller unit. The shaft, shaft seals and conventional bearing bushings have been eliminated.

Pump and motor protection – The ecocirc 19-16 will protect itself against, motor over load, voltage issues and pump overload.



The ecocirc 19-16 has 3 smart operating modes:

Modes of Operation

  1. Proportional Pressure – Continuously adjusts the pump performance according to system demands. This mode of operation does not require external sensors and is recommended for systems with high pressure losses. The pump is configured to run in this mode at the factory.
  2. Constant Pressure – The pump maintains the selected differential pressure at any flow rate. This mode of operation does not require external sensors and is recommended for systems with relatively small pressure losses.
  3. Constant Speed – The pump maintains a fixed speed regardless of demand.


Auxiliary Functions

  1. Automatic Air Purge to remove any air trapped in the pump
  2. Standby use during long absences to minimize power consumption (<1w).


Features and Benefits

Economical operation

  • Efficient ECM motor
  • Optimized hydraulics
  • Low operational costs

Chilled Water Applications

  • Electronics separated from the pump to prevent condensation
  • Worry free operation even at 14°F

User-Friendly Interface

  • Easy to set and operate



Performance Curves

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    ecocirc 19-16

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