Potable Water Circulators

ecocirc e3 Whole House Potable Water Circulators

The energy-saving, shaft-free, high-performance, domestic hot water pump.

The first pump to run off of 10watts – about the same as a night light, saves 68% electricity compared to a standard circulating pump!

Energy Efficient Due to ECM Technology

The ecocircpumps’ highly efficient ECM (Electronically  Commutated Motor) design results in significant  energy savings with improved performance: Through microprocessor technology the motor is provided the
precise frequency and voltage for optimum performance. A permanent magnet motor eliminates the requirement
for input power to magnetize the rotor, thus maximizing efficiency. This unique design offers superior starting
torque when compared with standard induction motor type pumps.

  • The bearing is self-realigning. It is automatically lubricated and cooled by the system fluid.
  • The rotor is magnetically centered on the bearing and therefore can tilt to avoid blockage by small dirt particles. Even after a long time of shut-off, a safe start-up is virtually guaranteed.
  • The pump can be cleaned easily with typical household cleaners in the unlikely case of scale deposits. Integrated step-les

Features and Benefits

  • Low energy consumption
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Small footprint
  • Variable speed
  • Many available options such as built-in thermostat, plug-in timer, plug/cord


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