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Compression Tanks – ASME

The compression tank on a closed hydronic system serves a very important function in providing adequate pressurization under all operating conditions. Above all, a compression tank must be absolutely air tight. B&G tanks are available nationally in ASME construction, are of black steel construction, thoroughly tested and guaranteed leak proof. Gauge glass tapping are included as standard.

The Compression Tank absorbs the expansion forces of the system water and provides proper pressurization under varying operating conditions. Used with Airtrol Fittings it provides positive air control.
Features and Benefits

  • Absorbs the expansion forces of system water and provides proper pressurization under varying operating conditions
  • Tanks Sizes: 15-505 gallons
  • Standard Working Pressures: 150 PSI for 15-100 gallon tanks 125 PSI for 120-505 gallon tanks
    • Higher Pressure Vessels Available (up to 300 PSI)
    • High Maximum Design Temperature 650ºF
  • Gauge Glass Tappings are Standard
  • Custom Tanks with Additional Tappings and Alternative Materials of Construction are Available
  • Tanks are constructed of carbon steel in accordance with Section VIII, Division I of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code – and so stamped.
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Air Control

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